Revolutionizing the Food Industry with Genesys Cloud

A large international food manufacturer and retailer struggled to maintain their disparate contact center ecosystem and the constant ebb and flow of a high-volume calls.

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The Challenge

A large international food manufacturer and retailer was struggling to maintain their disparate contact center ecosystem and the constant ebb and flow of a high-volume calls.

Their contact center operations spanned two legacy customer experience platforms. Their in-house agents relied on a substandard, on-premises technology solution integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other custom-developed desktop systems. The BPO assigned to handling a portion of their seasonal and overflow inbound calls operated on yet another outdated customer experience platform. Not only did the two systems not communicate with one another, our client lacked comprehensive insight into the full customer journey and standard performance metrics needed to operate efficiently. The result was poor operational efficiency, long hold times, and frustrated customers.

The Solution

Our client partnered with Waterfield Tech to evaluate the various contact center solutions on the market and make a recommendation on the right technology ecosystem to meet their business and customer needs. All agents insourced and outsourced were deployed on this one single unified platform consolidating operations and addressing an IT headache.

Having selected Genesys Cloud as their preferred customer experience platform, they outsourced the full migration effort to Waterfield Tech including configuration, customer journey design, self-service automation, callback assist, and reporting across their internal and external call center operations. Taking brand and personalization a step further, they implemented custom greeting and hold music orchestrated by world renown artists to entertain guests and elevate their experience.

The Results

Within weeks, we helped our client fully transform their call center operation using the Genesys Cloud platform. The new solution offered:

  • Fast time to value with the full project being completed in 10 weeks.
  • Full omnichannel capabilities allowing them to seamlessly handle 1000s of calls per minute
  • Access to real-time performance data and analytics across the entire operation to easily analyze call volume metrics, and history disposition codes for abandoned calls and identify the most popular customer questions to better address the fluctuating demand.
  • Post-call surveys to better evaluate employee performance.
  • Reduced technical complexity making it easy for their staff to make configuration updates in the moment.
  • An elevated customer experience in line with our customer’s unique brand.
  • Streamlined support through Waterfield Tech for high-touch service requests like moves, adds, changes, or enhancements to their customer and agent experience.

Waterfield Tech and the Genesys Cloud solution reduced the technical complexity of their contact center operations and delivered a unique experience to the customer that continues to help distinguish itself from others in the marketplace today.

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