Innovation Means Nothing.

Unfortunately, the word “innovation” has been thrown about so much nobody takes it seriously anymore. That’s too bad. Because here, it’s a real thing. Practically a force of nature. We innovate with a purpose and produce tangible, meaningful results you can see. Working alongside our technology partners (some of the biggest names in the business), our innovations constantly improve accessibility, efficiencies, and speed-to-market for our clients.

If “innovation” has lost its meaning for you, take a look at what our exclusive technologies can do. It’s quite something.

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XcelerateSM for Twilio Flex

Want to eliminate upfront development and start engaging your customers asap? It’s time to Xcelerate. You can deploy effortless customer communication on the Twilio Flex platform in just days with Xcelerate. It’s that easy. It’s that intuitive. It’s that fast.

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Blueworx IVA

Blueworx IVA lets you engage customers with a variety of personalized service options far beyond traditional IVR capabilities. Best of all, you can go at your pace. Want to prove out a single AI use case before going all in? Not ready to fully move to the cloud? Looking to implement AI capabilities without replacing your existing technology? Blueworx IVA is the answer.

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Blueworx Cloud

Blueworx Cloud boosts the quality of customer self-service with the ability to analyze data and compare relevant information to build fast, efficient and personalized interactions across channels. In short, it lets your customers have a natural, conversational experience with near real-time response rates.

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Caller Elected Callback

Nobody likes lines. The only thing worse is losing your place in line. Offering a callback gives your customers the choice to “skip” the long-line wait of being on hold by receiving a return call without giving up their place in line. The results? Less aggravation and a more favorable opinion of your business.

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Notification Services

Why send a past due notification when you can enable the customer to securely pay their bill right then and there? With interactive outbound notifications driven by business logic and customer data, you can do just that. And much, much more.

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