Waterfield Tech Delivers Virtual Agents for a National Pharmacy Chain

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Services: Waterfield Tech’s Virtual Agents Boost Customer Satisfaction and Self-Service Utilization While Reducing Wait Times and Maximizing ROI!

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The Challenge

A national pharmacy chain in the US was looking for a solution to streamline its prescription refill process and reduce customer wait times. They wanted to provide a more natural, personalized customer experience but also needed a system to handle high call volumes and deliver maximum ROI.

The Solution

Waterfield Tech designed a data-driven virtual agent system that streamlined the prescription refill process for customers. The system used data to quickly lookup customers’ accounts and offer personalized refill options. Customers could interact with the system using natural language or a directed dialogue menu approach. The system deployed across more than 2,500 retail pharmacies in the US and could handle nearly a billion calls a year.

The Results

The Virtual Agent system significantly improved the pharmacy chain’s prescription renewal application. The system increased the number of customers getting to self-service by 200% compared to the previous system. Customer satisfaction rates were high, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. The system reduced customer wait times and provided a more natural, personalized experience, with call length down by 15%. The ongoing iterative program of improvement, called bot management, ensured the system continued to deliver maximum ROI for the pharmacy chain.

In conclusion, Waterfield Tech’s Virtual Agents provided a solution that met the needs of a national pharmacy chain in the US by combining conversational AI with great design and an ongoing iterative program of improvement. The system delivered significant results for the pharmacy chain and its customers. The power of conversational AI and data-driven experiences can provide a significant competitive advantage for businesses looking to streamline their operations and provide a delightful customer experience.

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