Voice: Still The Top Choice.

We know there are many communication channels to choose from—we can provide all of them! And while they all have their place, nothing compares to voice for complex service interactions. That’s where Blueworx IVA comes in. Nothing lets you engage customers with a variety of personalized service options far beyond traditional IVR capabilities like Blueworx IVA.

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Go All In. Or Go Slow.

For some, nothing’s quite as painful as considering a full-blown rip-and-replace of their current technology. So with Blueworx IVA, we let you move at your own pace. Go all in, all at once. Or wade in slowly. If you want to prove out a single AI use case first, do it. If you’re not ready to fully move to the cloud, it’s no problem. With Blueworx IVA, you can even implement AI capabilities without replacing your existing technology. So breathe easy.

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Complete IVA Capabilities.

Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA) is the New Interactive Voice Response (IVR). And the Blueworx IVA platform optimizes change to voice technology and delivers where it counts: your customers’ experience.

Smarter Conversations

Deliver efficient, effortless customer interactions that support natural, open-ended inquiries leveraging the latest in AI and conversational speech technology.

Better Experiences

Create connected experiences with the flexibility to support personalized, data-driven interactions from the leaders in conversational AI including IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow and Nuance Speech Suite 11.

Faster Resolution

Resolve customer requests more quickly and efficiently by automating common requests and utilizing enhanced call routing to better align agent delivery when calls must be transferred.

So Powerful, Yet So Simple.

We’ve simplified voice technology so that you get all the benefits of our cutting-edge technology without any of the hassles you might expect. With Blueworx IVA, it’s easy to scale at speed to support peak or unpredictable call volume. And with our no-surprises, Pay-As-You-Go pricing model, you’ll only pay for the number of minutes consumed. How much easier can it get? Take a look:

Simple to Setup

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Blueworx IVAis available as a cloud, premise or hybrid solution and packaged as a single product download with no hardware to deploy and no per-agent licensing.

Quick to Deploy

One download contains everything you need to create and deploy AI, IVR, or VoIP applications, including full VoiceXML and CCXML browsers, a built-in SIP soft-phone, and support for hundreds of SIP providers and devices.

Easy to Connect

Blueworx IVA offers pre-built integrations with every major AI engine, contact center technology and leading CRM provider including Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud.

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