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Notifications let you elevate your customer experience with personalized, proactive outbound communications. Now you can deliver the information they need, when they need it most, over voice or digital channels. With notifications, you can enable real-time alerts, actionable reminders, emergency notifications, targeted promotions and more. These won’t just drive efficiencies in business processes, they can help you anticipate requests, reduce customer frustration and build loyalty.

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Notification Capabilities.

Customer engagement doesn’t have to be reactive. Proactive, outbound IVR and SMS notifications can have a monumental impact on your business through a variety of uses:

Actionable Reminders

Remind customers of upcoming deadlines, appointments, payments, and more. Let customers use speech or touchtone self-service to interact with the reminder—instantly renewing service, confirming an appointment or paying their bill.

Real-time Alerts

Send customers timely alerts that help prevent overdrawn accounts, fraudulent activity, fines, and shut offs. Enable customers to take immediate action on the alert using IVR self-service, SMS or by connecting to an agent.

Emergency Notifications

Service interruptions, inclement weather, and school closures are just a few of the occurrences that can result in huge inbound call volumes. Proactive outbound communications can help your business keep customers (and employees) informed in an efficient and effective way.

Upselling And Cross-Selling

Provide customers who have opted in with time-sensitive, targeted promotions and the ability to claim an offer or make a purchase on the spot.

Status Updates

Improve the customer experience with real-time updates on everything from travel delays to claims status to product availability.


Deliver automated surveys to gather valuable customer feedback on recent purchases, services, or interactions.

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