Engaging with Customers Seamlessly

The world as we have known has definitely changed a lot this year, and with these changes also came new challenges for businesses seeking to engage with their customers across, in many case, new digital channels.

We know that leading brands are always looking for ways to improve visibility across communication channels. Many are now also looking for ways to implement those insights into a more seamless experience for their customers and agents.

What could a seamless experience look like? Let’s say for example; a customer starts a conversation on the website in chat with a virtual assistant, then a live agent takes over for the virtual assistant to continue assisting the customer, but then the customer ends the chat abruptly and calls the contact center about the same inquiry. A seamless experience could entail enabling the agent to begin the phone conversation right where the chat left off. With visibility into the customer’s journey across other channels, the agent is able to treat the call as part of one single interaction with the customer. This is the power of an omnichannel solution.

Since this kind of experience has become the new customer expectation, checkout a few tips on why an omnichannel solution should be a top consideration for today’s contact centers.

Let’s count them down:

5. Your competitors are most likely doing it already. If you’re not willing to offer your customers a top-notch experience, someone else will. No one likes having start over or repeat information when they move from one form of interaction to another that is like instant death.

4. 24/7 availability. This might seem like a no-brainer; however, many businesses are not still offering 24/7 options across multiple channels. Technology today offers the ability to support customer inquiries even without live agents. Let customers reach out to you when they have the time to do so, not just based on your hours of operation.

3. The latest tech. Speaking of availability — most omnichannel cloud platforms offer all the cool channels your customers use and that you wish you had today without the hassle of new system integration. To top that, if you’re a cloud subscriber, you’ll get all the latest upgrades and feature updates automatically taking some burden off of your IT staff — not to mention keeping you up to date on relevant capabilities you can take advantage of.

2. Happy agents = happy customers. The magic of omnichannel is that it incorporates all collected customer information from every channel into one central spot, so your agents truly have a complete view of all customer interactions at their fingertips. Empowering them to provide a more personalized response to the customer.

1. Personalization creates loyalty. Use your omnichannel magic to create highly personalized interactions for your customers. Whether you’re reaching out to them on a suspicious transaction, guiding them through self-service or giving your agents a quick snapshot of loyalty status and recent actions — make it easy for them and they’ll keep coming back.

Implementing an omnichannel solution in your contact center might seem like a heavy lift, but our team of experts makes unifying your channels easy. Contact us today to begin developing your game plan to beat out the competition.

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