I Want It NOW! Customer Experience in the Contact Center

We have all experienced that frustration.  We’re running out the door and just need to make that quick call to get a simple answer. Only we find that instead, we have entered the never-ending tangle of a Contact Center that wants us to press 1 if this or press 2 if that etc. No, we don’t want to make a choice – we want our answer NOW!

Contact Centers are evolving, just as all businesses are in these days of rapid change. It is important to realize that Customer Experience can be the determining factor that sets one company above another. And figuring out which is the right experience to give can be hard to determine. One individual contacting you might want the situation dealt with instantly, another needs to be pampered so they can feel good about whatever they’re doing.

As consumers we will remember that rude agent we had the prickly conversation with 2 months ago when we tried to find out how to return that itchy sweater. At the time we swore we’d never call that company again. Or, how about the time you waited on hold for 17 minutes after being transferred to the “right” department – only to find out that sorry, it wasn’t the person you needed to talk to at all! The statistics prove it – 89% say a bad conversation with a contact center agent will cause a person to choose another business next time.

Is quicker better?

Sometimes it is best to solve a customer’s request and get off the phone as quickly as possible. In the case of the “I want it NOW” person, that is probably just the way to go. The customer leaves the transaction satisfied that they got a prompt answer which allows them to move right along. But is this the best Customer Experience you can provide?

By taking just a bit more time, it is possible for a business to turn that quick interaction into a nurturing opportunity. Perhaps the Contact Center agent can look at the customer’s profile and see what they have called for before. Maybe they can be proactive and help the caller so they won’t have to call in again. There is a chance that both the company and the customer can save time, which ultimately means saving money.

Make sure you are ready to deal with the variety of interactions you may have in your Contact Center.  Dedicate some attention to the Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Matters

Waterfield Technologies offers a focused Customer Experience Design process that is meant to improve the quality of each interaction a customer has with your company. The results will be obvious: improved usability, better accessibility and the pleasure you have provided during the interaction itself.  Contact us for more information. https://waterfieldtech.com/contact/

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