Workforce Management Software and Feature Comparison

As a leading integration and support partner for the industry’s leading workforce management providers, Waterfield Tech is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in selecting the best-fit WFM platform, building an integration path, and deploying custom software optimizations to ensure you get the most out of your tech investment.

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WFM Platforms and Feature Comparison Chart

There are many workforce management platforms on the market, each with its own strengths and limitations. The concept of being the "best" is subjective and can vary depending on your specific requirements and preferences. It's recommended to evaluate different WFM options based on factors such as features and functionality, customization capabilities, integration capabilities, user experience, and customer reviews. 

Implementation Types
Hosted (WTI)Coming Soon
Basic Features
Single Skill
Outbound*Additional Cost May Apply*Additional Cost May Apply
Omni Channel includes Outbound, SMS, Chat, Email, etc
(or Allocation)
Done in Business Unit Level
Back Office*Additional Cost May Apply
Strategic Planner
(or Capacity Planner)
Standard Budget ForecastStandard Budget Forecast*Additional Cost May Apply
What-If Scenarios
# of Forecast Types5553
Forecast TypesWorkload, Staffing, Budget, Volume, Staff AnalysisWorkload, Staffing, Budget, Volume, Staff AnalysisWorkload, Staffing, Budget, Volume, Staff AnalysisStaffing, Volume, Workload
Template Based
Preference Based
Roster Based
Automatic Assignment
Hybrid (Template, Preference)
What-If Scenarios
Shift Bidding
Flexible Shift Bidding
(or Dynamic Bidding)
Sequential Shift Bidding
Intraday Work Assignment
(or Schedule Stripping)
IntraDay Management
Shrinkage Analysis
Real-Time Monitoring
(or Real-Time Adherence)
Schedule Adherence
Schedule Trades
Integration to Outlook
(or Segment Export)
Time Off Requests
(or Request Management)
Request Bids
Email Notification
Web Notifications
(or DeskTop Pop-Up, Toast Messages)
Historical Reporting
Import, Export
Automatic Report Delivery
(or Autorun)
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Additional WFM Modules (Additional Charges may apply)
BPO Schedule Management
(or Encompass)
Seat Assignment
(or Reserve)
MobileIncluded in WEM

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