Supporting Your Agents and Customers Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis

Organizations around the globe are struggling to manage the rapid influx of customer outreach resulting from COVID-19. While the immediate impact is heavily focused around the healthcare and travel and hospitality industries, businesses across every major vertical are increasingly looking to expand their contact center capacity and convert to a remote workforce to protect their employees and limit business interruptions.

Many businesses are finding they are not prepared to handle the overflow and spike in call volume. Luckily there are quick and easy ways to mitigate this risk. We’ve compiled a list of the top items to consider as you look to scale and support your workforce in new, and remote ways.

Keep it simple

  • Do not waste time over planning- act now and remain flexible in your approach as situations evolve
  • Implement a cloud contact center solution to support your ebbing call volume and remote needs
  • Use knowledge of customers’ communication preferences to connect with them frequently with outbound notifications.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

  • Modify existing prompts and call flows to deliver time critical and sensitive information
  • Prioritize updates to departments with high call volume and low transition effort
  • Route callers from existing ACD/PBX solutions to expand your capacity

Lean on technology

  • Free lines and reduce customer stress by offering a callback option as agents become available
  • Take advantage of virtual agents and chatbots to address your customers’ frequently asked questions
  • Increase contact center capacity with cloud bursting capabilities to ensure every interaction is addressed

Waterfield is here to assist you in creating solutions to help you deliver high quality services and support to your customers and keep your employees safe and healthy. Whether you are in need of guidance on how to most efficiently prioritize efforts or talent to fill skill gaps necessary to quickly implement changes to existing technology- we are here for you.

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