Optimizing Your Contact Center Performance

October 16, 2019/ Under Contact Center,

A primary issue when integrating multiple channels and services in your Contact Center is creating a seamless, cohesive solution.  Utilizing the services of expert, advanced IT partners is strongly suggested as they are able to help you create an extensive, all-in-one infrastructure built from any number of niche solutions.

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digital transformation

Consider Digital Transformation in Your Contact Center

September 24, 2019/ Under Contact Center,

As a business is envisioning the move of their contact center to the cloud, it makes sense to look beyond the cloud migration itself and consider how supplementary digital applications can be added to improve the customer experience. Evaluating other applications and services that can enhance value to the consumer’s positive interaction will ultimately impact the perception of the company to their customer – and to the  company’s bottom line.  Most likely, your contact center will benefit from a digital transformation.

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How to Achieve the Ultimate User Experience

September 7, 2019/ Under Contact Center, IVA,

User Experience Design (UX) is more than an interface on an application. UX is intended to design and develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and companies through a variety of applications. It is more than just recording prompts for your IVR with someone from the motor pool that has a cool sounding voice or redesigning a call flow so that customers get to the agent they need to talk to even faster.  An effective interaction interface is intuitive.  It is efficient, saving customers time and frustration. And it communicates clearly and is easy to use, making the experience a customer has a positive one.

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Migrating to the Cloud

Calculating the Business Value of Migrating to the Cloud

August 28, 2019/ Under Cloud Migration, Contact Center,

When it comes to a cloud migration, it’s important to first define value. Migrating to the cloud takes time and money: the ultimate benefits to the organization’s bottom line must be quantified for the benefits to the company to be obvious.

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cloud migrations take flight

3 Tips to Help Your Cloud Migration Take Flight

August 14, 2019/ Under Cloud Migration,

Cloud technology is undoubtedly one of the leading enablers of business and IT efficiency. And as with any major shift in process or technology, the migration process can be complex.

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Applied AI

Four Steps to Applied AI

July 31, 2019/ Under Conversational AI,

Recent experience has taught me that perceptions of applied AI in the contact center generally fall into two categories. There is the “magic bullet” camp that perceives AI as the glorious solution to all problems that have ever existed, and there are the “healthy skeptics” that believe that AI is too expensive, out of reach, and overly complicated for their environment. Unsurprisingly, there is a bit of truth in each perspective, with reality living somewhere in that grayish middle ground. You may be asking “how do I know if it makes sense for me and my environment?” The good news is that there is a repeatable pattern to help you answer that very question.

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Transforming the Contact Center Experience With AI

July 12, 2019/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

Contact centers of all sizes are challenged from many different angles today.  Customers call in expecting immediate service and engagement for their issues. Contact center agents want support from higher-ups in managing their call queues and getting to critical customer complaints promptly. Incorporating artificial intelligence customer experience solutions can go a long way toward relieving pain points experienced by both groups.

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The Smart and Modern Contact Center

June 28, 2019/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

There is no doubt about it – contact centers must streamline their operations to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. Artificial intelligence is able to contribute to this effort in ways that a strictly human team simply cannot. Many contact centers that are falling behind with the technology are also falling behind in performance. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that artificial intelligence can be used in the modern contact center.

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Digital Collaboration and Content Sharing in Your Contact Center

June 12, 2019/ Under Contact Center,

Imagine discussing an issue with a Contact Center agent and instead of trying to verbally describe what’s happening in excruciating detail, you are able to share screens and easily see the solution together.  Real-time collaboration and content sharing application tools are now available so that agents can work collaboratively with customers over multiple devices to ensure quick resolution of issues.  An added bonus is that more  efficient conversions for both inbound and outbound sales calls are also possible.

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AI Engine

Breakthrough AI engine automates strategic planning!

May 30, 2019/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

Remember that old saying, the one about things that sound too good to be true? Sadly, the automated strategic planner simply doesn’t exist. With the pace of change and the proliferation of software tools today, it’s no surprise that we tend to look for the “easy” solution to the tough problems. Increasingly, I’ve seen organization after organization chase the next “magic bullet” solution – only to end up with a collection of disjointed tools that almost work together, but not quite as advertised. Sound familiar?

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