The AI-First Contact Center

Recorded Live Wednesday, June 5th 2024


With an AI-first contact center, you have no limits.
We are on the cusp of massive changes to the way we deliver customer service, the way customers interact with our businesses, and the kind of experiences we create for them thanks to AI.

And AI is getting better, faster, cheaper, and more abundant every single day.
Understanding AI capabilities, developing a transformation plan, building your AI-first team, and planning your future in AI are essential. And that’s exactly what we’ll cover in this live session.

We’ll take you beyond the hype. Beyond the run-of-the-mill legacy chat and AI assist.
Instead, we’ll:

    • Demonstrate the jaw dropping capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4o voice technology within the contact center.
    • Pull the curtain back on how we are using AI to drive insights and analyze the content and impact of every single customer interaction.
    • Show you how you can use AI to build automation, provide assistance to empower senior agents, and (critically!) how AI can drive ever-faster cycles of optimization.
    • Lastly, we discuss the impact of personal AI devices and why it’s getting ready to swamp your contact center with more calls and chats than you could possibly handle.

The AI-first contact center isn’t some dream of the future; it’s available now.

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