5 Reasons You Should Rethink How to Shop for WEM

August 17, 2023/ Under Carlton Perkins, Contact Center, Gabe Harris,


“Nah, we’re good. We contract directly with the manufacturer to get the best price and support.”

We hear this a lot – and hey, we get why anyone shopping for a new WEM solution might think this is true. But it isn’t. Navigating the intricacies of a workforce engagement ecosystem can be a daunting task for any business. But these workforce engagement shoppers probably don’t know that working through a Value Added Reseller (VAR) reseller and implementation partner gets you several perks that manufacturers aren’t equipped to offer. Even better… You get those perks for less than what you’d pay the manufacturer.


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Genesys FedRamp Authorization – What it is and why you should care

August 14, 2023/ Under Carlton Perkins, Cloud Migration, Contact Center,

Genesys recently announced its attainment of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization for its Genesys Cloud CX platform. It’s a significant milestone, enabling U.S. government agencies to securely transition their contact center and communication platforms to the cloud.

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migrate from twilio flex 1 to flex 2

Everything You Need to Know to Migrate from Twilio Flex UI 1 to Flex UI 2

June 27, 2023/ Under Customer Experience (CX), Partners,

If you’re using Twilio Flex as your customer experience (CX) platform, an important change is on the horizon. On May 16, 2023, Twilio announced they are dropping support for Flex UI 1 as of July 2024, requiring all Twilio Flex customers to migrate to their new 2 UI. Here’s what you need to know to plan your migration.

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Never Do Like for Like Again

Let’s Never DO “Like for Like” Again

I am a proud Texas Aggie, as was my father before me and is my son. Once the blood takes on that maroon hue, there’s no returning to a sense of normalcy. One of the many things that distinguish Texas A&M is the rich panoply of traditions that infuse every aspect of daily life. Some of the traditions are quirky, like the mystical numerology of your class year. Some of the traditions are incredibly profound, like Muster or Silver Taps.

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Is ChatGPT the customer service bot we’ve been looking for?

December 29, 2022/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

ChatGPT, the research chatbot released for public use by OpenAI has reignited discussions on the power of conversational AI and left many CX leaders wondering what impact it will have on customer service. Will it replace agents? Has it made everything innovation-first companies have invested in conversational AI over the past few years obsolete?

Our VP of AI Technology, Yves Normandin, shares his thoughts on the influence ChatGPT will have within the contact center.

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Five Key Things Travel Industry Contact Center Leaders Need to Consider in Today’s Economic Climate

Growing travel demand and disruptions in the last year can affect future customer loyalty depending on the contact center platforms in use. This is especially true for small to mid-size travel organizations and related businesses.

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Is Your Contact Center Ready for the Back to School Rush?

August 15, 2022/ Under Contact Center,

For retailers, the lazy days of summer are anything but. It seems as soon as summer begins, it’s already time to start planning for the inevitable surge that comes with back-to-school shopping. And then when that rush subsides, the one-two punch of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season is right around the corner!

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inflation wall

Pivot Your Business Now to Survive the Inflation Wall

July 20, 2022/ Under Caller Elected Callback, Contact Center,

When we hit a wall and can’t go any further, we need to pause, assess the situation, and then adapt and figure out where we can pivot.

Businesses in every industry are now hitting the inflation wall and must deal with it. As a result, inflationary pressures are driving the need for organizations to be more efficient with their dollars.

What can businesses do to offset rising costs?

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attract new agents

Tips to Attract New Agents (And Keep the Ones You Have)

June 3, 2022/ Under Workforce Optimization,

Agent turnover is an issue businesses in every industry are dealing with more than ever. New employees are being hired and trained but then try it out for a week and leave. And that’s if they even show up at all. Businesses are losing money and time.

Why is this happening, and what can you do to prevent it? How can you set your business apart from others to attract the best agents and keep them along with the ones you have? 

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conversational ai gets clever

Conversational AI Gets Clever

May 27, 2022/ Under Conversational AI, Kerry Robinson,

At Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, much of the keynote was dedicated to advances in conversational AI.

The segment was split between new capabilities for Google Assistant, which is a conversational AI tool that you can use today, and LaMDA, Google’s research program that’s creating the conversational AI of the future.

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