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taskGPT is the first generative AI-powered chatbot able to complete a task. It’s the transactional self-service dream, made reality. Complete an order. Reschedule an appointment. Track a refund. taskGPT can do it, which means your customers can do it without the need for agent interaction.

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Conversational. Adaptive. Helpful.

Thanks to generative AI, taskGPT just gets it. It understands what your customers really want and can do something about it. See how it works:

What if fewer website visitors escalated to an agent?

What if more customers got what they needed from your website chat?

What if we could deploy a solution to deliver both in just 4 weeks?

You’d save money, have happier customers … and we can. We’ve combined ChatGPT’s upgraded GPT4 technology with a special design and development framework. In short, we’ve cracked the code: leveraging the conversational prowess and reasoning power of the latest AI tech while managing the complexity of goal-oriented dialogs. As a result, taskGPT lowers the cost and time to deliver human-like conversational self-service.

Best of all, we can have it up and running on your site in as little as 4 weeks.

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Maximize Your AI ROI.

taskGPT scales with your business and can integrate with any website. It can instantly translate your experience into any language. And its single-bill, predictable pricing includes continuous added value such as:

  • Monthly updates to task descriptions, system prompts, question and answer content, and function definitions
  • Real-time monitoring with 24/7 support
  • Ongoing advisory, adoption, monitoring, and management services
  • Ongoing experience changes (made in minutes, not months)
  • Complex automation that continuously adapts to the need of your users
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