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Ouch. No customer wants to hear that. In fact, you’ve just guaranteed your customer is now an aggravated customer—one who will be upset and frustrated by the time they talk to your agent. Fortunately, our Caller Elected Callback (CECB) solutions gives you and your customers a better option.

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Complete CECB Capabilities.

Caller Elected Callback solutions enhance the quality of your customer interactions, allowing you to smooth out peak call volumes and reduce contact center staffing requirements.

Empower Your Customers

Long wait times can make customers feel trapped and “chained to their phone.” Offering a callback changes the dynamics completely by giving the caller the power to decide to stay on hold or receive a return call without losing their spot in line.

Change Attitudes

A caller who hears a message warning of unacceptably long hold times will likely feel powerless and unhappy. A callback option can free them to be productive and get back to what they were doing without sitting there getting more and more frustrated.

Maximize Your Workforce

Fluctuations in inbound call volume throughout the day make it difficult to accurately staff your contact center. Scheduling callbacks during less busy times of the day enables you to better align resources with customer needs.

Optimize Performance

We offer a variety of Caller Elected Callback solutions. Our experts can help you identify the right option based on your contact center technologies and preferred method for managing your callers.

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