[Webinar Series] Part 1: Bot Analytics – Keep Tabs on Your Bots, So They Don’t Run Amok

ON-DEMAND – WATCH NOW: Bot Analytics: Keep Tabs on Your Bots, So They Don’t Run Amok

What gets measured gets managed. But when it comes to IVR and chatbots, they’re often neither measured nor managed. That’s a problem because, with chatbots and IVR, you don’t just have a piece of tech. You have a bot workforce talking to millions of customers.

Unlike human agents, bots won’t complain if customers shout at them. They won’t ask for help. They won’t give up and leave out of frustration. They’ll keep delivering a terrible experience at scale.

Waterfield’s VP of Conversational AI, Kerry Robinson, outlines a framework for understanding, measuring, and managing IVR and chatbot performance.

We’ll cover:

  • Understanding IVR and chatbot performance
  • Logging the correct data in the right way
  • Using data to guide your Conversational AI program

You’ll walk away with a clear framework and an actionable plan to understand and optimize the performance of your conversational AI. Whatever the platform.

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