WTI acquires IBM WebSphere Voice Response

Tulsa, OK – February 1, 2016 – WTI Holdings announced today that it has completed its acquisition of the IBM® WebSphere® Voice Response and IBM® Unified Messaging for WebSphere® Voice Response products (collectively, “WVR”). A stand alone entity, Blueworx, has been created to focus on the continued advancement of the platform and ensure the success and total satisfaction of every current and future customer.

  • The products will be sold, advanced and supported under the Blueworx brand
  • The products’ technical and support engineers have joined the Blueworx team
  • Existing and future customers will benefit from renewed focus, R&D investment and contact center experts with 100 combined years of experience in application development, UI design and integration.

With over 20 years of development at IBM, WVR is a massively reliable and scalable solution used by some of the largest enterprises and Telcos in the world to deliver interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, unified messaging and voicemail applications. It is the most widely deployed platform of its kind for IBM hardware and the AIX operating systems.

“We see an opportunity to take one of the best performing voice response platforms in the world and focus on it, invest in it, and couple the technology with a team of people who have extensive experience building highly usable voice, mobile and messaging applications,” said John Marino, Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to help companies leverage their WVR and IBM infrastructure investments in new and impactful ways.”

The team of WVR technical and support engineers have joined Blueworx and will continue to spearhead product research, development and support from offices in the U.S. and U.K. “We couldn’t be happier to gain the talent and expertise of a team who intimately knows this product and its customers,” added Marino.

Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research said, “Blueworx combines a well-regarded, world-class support organization with a workhorse of a self-service platform. Existing customers, as well as prospects looking for a solution provider focused on the optimal IVR platform should take note.”

At a time when many providers have decreased their focus on voice solutions such as IVR, Blueworx will continue to aggressively move the product forward. “We see voice traffic with many of our largest customers growing, not shrinking. We also see great opportunity to help them affordably implement untapped technologies, like speech recognition, to further optimize business processes and improve customer interactions.”

In addition to a commitment to delivering customer-obsessed support, Blueworx will enhance the product suite with strategic collaboration, professional services and expertise integrating a range of complementary contact center products from best-of-breed technology providers. In 2016, the company will also add flexible deployment options such as support for Linux as well as AIX operating systems, new SMS capabilities and a path to cloud application development and implementation.

Learn more about Blueworx at www.blueworx.com.

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