Fortune 500 Healthcare Organization Optimizes Costs and Operations with Genesys Cloud Solution

In fewer than 9 months, Waterfield Tech executed a highly complex cloud migration for a multi-state healthcare org — reducing costs, streamlining operations, and creating a clear path forward.

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The Challenge

A multi-state Fortune 500 healthcare organization was searching for ways to reduce costs while expanding their existing on-premises solution across its various business units. Considering the organization’s 5,000 users and 40 groups within the division, licensing costs were quickly skyrocketing. Subscriptions to several different add-ons and contact center solution connectors, along with associated maintenance fees, needed to be better managed. Thousands of dollars were also being spent on toll-free numbers and two large data centers with upcoming lease deadlines.

It was a perfect storm of rising costs, and in tight economic times, the organization recognized this approach was neither budget-friendly nor efficient. They needed an easier way to expand their environment that didn’t incur additional expenses and turned to long-time partner Waterfield Tech for advice and assistance in migrating to the Genesys Cloud solution.

The Solution

As a Genesys Gold Partner, Waterfield Tech was well-equipped to implement a smooth and strategic cloud migration for the client. Our Genesys team deployed the first phase of the Genesys Cloud solution involving agent migration in the organization’s pharmacy group, which required comprehensive planning and extensive documentation. We developed and implemented methods to handle outdated or missing information, streamlining processes in the technology and operations areas.

Waterfield Tech recognized the importance of further simplifying operations for a client in the high-demand health sector. Consolidating organizational groups and ensuring routing and agent naming consistency during this process helped simplify operations and eased the transition to the cloud. Additionally, our team helped implement self-service enhancements using natural language understanding (NLU) in the client’s interactive voice response (IVR) system, including dashboard reporting with call metrics to allow better insights based on user analytics.

A comprehensive workforce and quality management training program and schedule were developed and implemented which significantly improved alignment among teams and formerly disjointed business groups. Integration of the Telecom team early into the phases and alignment process further safeguarded a smooth rollout and implementation.

The Results

Our team executed this highly complex cloud migration effort in fewer than 9 months. Today, the healthcare organization has deep insight into their systems along with a more modernized operation. They’re also now empowered by having the appropriate procedures in place to support additional system changes as needed. Waterfield Tech effortlessly managed the movement of agents from the on-premises solution to the new Genesys cloud solution without disrupting the organization’s vital day-to-day business.

The customer’s workforce was fully trained and brought up to speed across the organization — and continues to deliver optimum member experiences. Call containment rates, a measure of how well an IVR system is configured, are improving, demonstrating ongoing success.

The out-of-the-box reporting data that was initially implemented continues to be refined and enhanced for deeper insights and analytics. NLU continues to be fine-tuned, perfected and expanded across the organization’s IVR cloud-based solution to deliver more personalized experiences for their clients.

In addition to these operational successes, costs are finally under control thanks to the Genesys Cloud solution, which offers a single contact center platform that is more easily managed. This new solution also supported further initiatives, including:

  • Continued fine tuning of the NLU on a quarterly basis
  • Implementing Live Chat functionality for one state and one business unit, as well as plans for additional phase updates that include all business units across all states
  • Adding and/or expanding the cloud solution to several additional Medicaid service states
  • Migrating a new Medicare Concierge Services Team onto the platform in the next phase to handle welcome calls and renewals
  • Adding additional SMS functionality to include updates and notifications for MyChart registered patients
  • Improving the client experience for the member ID authentication process
  • Expanding the Genesys environment to support the organization’s members and providers

Finally, a newly created project roadmap gave the organization a comprehensive plan for its ongoing evolution and subsequent enhancement and release phases. With their cost concerns addressed, operations streamlined, and a clear path forward, the entity is now well-equipped for ongoing success.

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