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The Challenge

A large established credit union in San Diego with approximately 150 agents with over $3.6 billion in assets, had an outdated legacy IVR touch-tone interface with limited functionality that prevented customers from properly engaging with them. Customers were becoming increasingly frustrated with longer than desired wait times and more difficulties conducting the full suite of normal banking transactions in a more modernized way. Technology was rapidly changing the landscape of the banking experience. Consumers were expecting better service and options for communication from their banks, and the institution needed to keep up.

The Solution

Waterfield Tech evaluated the system and deployed a directed dialogue Avaya Experience Portal IVR solution making it highly friendly to the customer through speech enablement and natural language. This newer user-friendly, intuitive dialogue interaction solution qualified the speech the customer was using and gave customers options to choose from using their voice.

Waterfield Tech also enhanced the operation with added-on callback capabilities so that during heavier volume periods when wait times were a bit longer, the credit union could offer callers the ability to be called back, making it much more convenient for their customer’s schedules.

Conducting a complex integration with Symitar, Waterfield Tech implemented screen pops. The transaction was seamless when a caller entered the account information, heard their account balance, and selected to talk to a live agent.  Through this newer integration, the account information was instantly available to agents. Agents no longer had to ask the customer again for the account information and/or look it up in the system causing further delays in the transaction.

The Results

More functionality and a speech-enabled option meant callers no longer had to progress through the IVR by pressing old-fashioned buttons with their fingers for information on their accounts. This more modernized solution created a better customer experience and simplified the transactions in conducting normal banking processes. It also ensured their customer service agents were much more efficient in their interaction with customers. The callback deployment substantially improved abandoned rates creating greater efficiencies across the organization. Now, agents could focus on higher-value interactions with the clients when called upon and customers had a more modern banking experience. The credit union also benefited by having a single vendor solution (Avaya) that afforded a tighter integration with the entire Avaya suite of products together with the simplicity of a single vendor.

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