Cloud Migration Transforms CX Operations for Industrial Robotics Company

Waterfield Tech helped realize thousands in cost-savings and a streamlined cloud contact center, bringing an international robotics manufacturing organization into the modern age.

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The Challenge

With 3,000 locations across more than 50 countries, a European-based industrial robotics supplier recognized it was time to embrace uniformity and modernize their on-premises contact centers through a move to the cloud. As they migrated from legacy, on-premises contact center technology, the organization required a partner who could work across international borders to design, develop, deploy, and support the new cloud platform.

They chose to migrate their contact centers to the Genesys Cloud for the platform’s many advantages, including faster time to value and efficient, customizable modernization. Work to begin the transition began in Europe, but the organization had difficulty finding a US partner that could continue the effort in transforming their American and Canadian contact centers. A referral led them to Waterfield Tech, who proved to be a compelling partner given our deep expertise in their existing on-premises solution, cloud contact center migrations and a long-standing history of deploying transformational solutions globally. After assessing the client’s needs and concerns, we promptly began work.

The Solution

Internal mandates for a rapid fix spurred the client’s desire to quickly begin migration with a pilot group of four Canadian locations. Waterfield Tech scoped the project and devised a streamlined, agile methodology to execute the migration. We assembled the critical design, delivery, and project management teams and coordinated with the client’s European technical counterparts  to deploy Genesys Cloud within a five-week deadline. While each contact center site was somewhat similar, they were also unique in the raw materials available at each of the sites and their lines of business. These differences resulted in each site having unique call content and call flows, necessitating customization. For example, some sites served both French and English language-speakers, while others needed only English. As a result, Waterfield Tech needed to provide four unique:

  • Discovery and design sessions
  • Builds
  • User acceptance testing sessions
  • Sign offs
  • Deployments
  • Demos and full training sessions
  • Go-live support
  • Post go-live moves, adds and changes

The Waterfield Tech team offered additional assistance following the transition period, helping the client learn more about the Genesys Cloud solution’s capabilities. Our team also provided quick answers to the organization’s questions, given their own European help desk was not yet familiar with the new solution. Waterfield Tech also temporarily filled a support gap during the project’s time zone differences when the client’s European help desk was closed.

The Results

Waterfield Tech successfully migrated the four scoped locations within the tight deadline. Our expert project management, development, and delivery team streamlined the process, aligned design strategy with corporate expectations, and facilitated collaboration with the client’s international technical teams. This approach not only allowed us to meet the project’s established milestones, but provided essential training and support. Additionally, Waterfield Tech’s contribution to establishing new policies for voice recordings and site-creation processes, which included a workbook documenting setup, supported the client’s future site management and support plans.

Expanding cloud migration efforts across continents creates savings and efficiencies while unifying contact center operations.

Waterfield Tech continues to migrate and unify the client’s remaining contact center locations across the US and Canada. More recently, our team also worked on a Genesys cloud migration for one of the client’s newly acquired companies. The organization transformed their infrastructure across the globe and can now deliver a superior customer experience and address each site nuance — all while operating on one unified system.

Additional project outcomes include:

  • Agents have access to a simplified log-in, using an integration with Genesys Cloud and Microsoft.
  • Agents no longer use outdated desktop phones and now only use headsets.
  • All sites now have a callback option integrated.
  • Better organization and management of agents through newly implemented callouts for each site and location.
  • Greater efficiencies were realized and thousands of dollars saved through deployment of a third-party dashboard product.

A more cohesive, modernized insight into worldwide operations is now a reality for this global manufacturer.

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