How to Achieve the Ultimate User Experience

User Experience Design (UX) is more than an interface on an application. UX is intended to design and develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and companies through a variety of applications. It is more than just recording prompts for your IVR with someone from the motor pool that has a cool sounding voice or redesigning a call flow so that customers get to the agent they need to talk to even faster.  An effective interaction interface is intuitive.  It is efficient, saving customers time and frustration. And it communicates clearly and is easy to use, making the experience a customer has a positive one.

Businesses have benefited from user design services in significant ways. The impact to your business can vary from an increase in customer satisfaction ratings to a reduction in the number of customers opting out of the IVR and going to a more expensive agent solution.

Depending on what your business goals are and how your IVR is performing today, you can determine where the biggest impacts and benefits of leveraging a user design process can be.

Do you want to increase call containment to the self-service channel or simply create a better brand experience for your customers?

In order to help you determine the best path to take, examine our three phased process that is focused on creating customer excellence.

The Experience Process

There are three phases to the ultimate customer experience:

Who are the users and what are their expectations?

Expert evaluation of usage data, structure, and persona design enables our specialists to get a clear picture of overall performance. Our approach is very data-driven with real-world results.

What is the best design to address customer needs?

Design is focused on delivering recommendations for detailed call flow dialog design and usability testing.

Does this design address the customer needs?

Testing the design and dialogs are key to ensuring that the recommendations will produce real bottom line results. This includes conducting a pilot test, data monitoring and periodic reviews to ensure that the new design delivers expected performance results.

Whether you are adding speech or re-working your existing call flow to improve the customer experience, your mission should be to deliver a solution that solves problems, produces positive customer interactions and is strategically designed to increase productivity and efficiency.

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