How Automation is Preparing Contact Centers for What’s Ahead

Consumer and business behaviors have shifted dramatically and will continue to change day-to-day. The good news, and yes- there is good news, is that change creates opportunity. Businesses who invest the time to understand not only what their customers need today but what they will need tomorrow, to communicate with them, and to take a proactive approach to their changing market will achieve greater long-term success. 

Conversational AI allows major brands and enterprises to support a conversational engagement model that rapidly understands natural language input from humans and responds with correct answers, consistently and at scale.

Navigating this journey forward requires increased flexibility. For many companies, this will include the need for proven solutions that can re-engage customers- driving revenue and making it easy for them to interact. Automation and self-service solutions are nothing new to the contact center though today more than ever businesses are relying on these tools to relieve agents and provide an engaging environment that rapidly supports their customer needs. Below are a few ways we are seeing automation help prepare contact centers for what’s ahead.

Build customer loyalty: Outbound communications are just one of the ways you can supply your customers with valuable, personalized information. From altering travel plans, to establishing payment arrangements, to simply understanding the changes in local retail operations- proactive notifications enable you to quickly provide the information they need at the right time and in the right way.

Differentiate with exceptional service: The needs, wants and motivations driving customer interactions are evolving. And their behavior conveys their preferences. Use this information to create a tailored, multichannel experience that seamlessly guides them through a self-service journey. For example, you may want to alert clients to new service options by email or SMS and include a web link where customers can view availability and self-schedule. You could further enhance the experience with a chatbot to address questions or concerns and aid in completing the transaction. 

Do more at a reduced cost: Automation is lowering costs by resolving an increased number of customer inquiries. Well-designed automation greets customers personally, quickly recognizes their intents, and then propels callers along the happy path to task completion consistently and at scale. The benefit- happy customers at a fraction of the cost associated with agent-assisted transactions. 

To learn more about intelligent automation options and how they rank in a competitive analysis, download a copy of The Vendors That Matter Report by Opus Research. 

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