Great Customer Experience – No Magic Wand Necessary

As Contact Center managers spin around feverishly trying to keep up with the latest self-service trends, customers are continuing to do what they have always done…pressing zero a bunch of times trying to reach an live person!  Although technology is our friend when it comes to our smart phones and talking cars, customers still have a tendency to want to talk to an agent, even for the simplest of tasks.

This seems to hit the banking industry especially hard.  A live person telling a person their bank balance is somehow more reassuring than hearing it from an automated voice. But is answering this simple inquiry in this manner an efficient way to conduct your business?

The good news is that there is a way to break this reliance on live agents using a pretty simple technique; providing a great customer experience.   When customers try a digital solution and are treated to a successful transaction they start to trust the experience and are more apt to use a self-service solution next time they need to do some business.

Good Customer Experience

You do not need a magic want to provide the best customer service.  Whether you offer self-service or an agent, you just need to develop a path to a clear, efficient, user-friendly interaction that leaves the customer feeling satisfied and positive.

Waterfield offers a focused process to enhance the quality of each interaction a customer has with your company – which then drives increased approval and loyalty.  Our team of User Experience (UX) experts dig deep into understanding the behaviors of your customers to identify areas for satisfaction and productivity improvements throughout your IVR. Whether you are creating a new call flow or looking to improve and revamp an existing experience, we are confident that we can uncover critical areas of opportunity.

Ready to improve your User Experience?  Take a look at how!  We would be happy to talk to you about your needs.  Contact Us.

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