How to Find the Right Voice for Your IVR

Choosing a Voice Vendor: Find the “Just Right” Partner

When searching for voice talent for your IVR it is important to understand the goals and objectives of the project and align those to the right partner. For the best result, it’s essential that you identify a voice provider that knows the contact center and its related technologies. The “too big” and “too little” options will leave you vulnerable.

A Solo Voice Talent – Too Little

Selecting a voice is a subjective process. You either like a voice or you don’t. Some solo voice actors may have a sound you favor so you might think it would be ok to contract directly with that individual.   However, remember that you’ll not only be responsible for managing the talent relationship, including the contracts and continuous payments, you’ll also need to figure out the ongoing editing, file formatting, deadlines and delivery. In addition, any personal or professional issues that may arise are your problem.

A Studio or Agency – Too Big

There are numerous studios and agencies that handle one-off voice recording projects.  However, their expertise is mostly centered on highly-creative broadcast work, not large IVR scripts that require updates and consistency over time. Your IVR projects will cost a premium, and there’s no guarantee that your original voice actor or studio will be available on-demand when you need new recordings down the road.

An IVR-Focused Voice Provider – Just Right

There is a small number of recording studios that focus specifically on IVR and telephony applications. These providers have a roster of voice actors contracted for ongoing availability, offer numerous languages, and deliver full service—scripting assistance, recording, editing, formatting, and delivery. With economies of scale and a recording schedule geared for the voice channel, prompt updates can be recorded quickly and economically. This is your best bet for the ongoing quality of your Waterfield Technologies solution.

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For even more insight into voice selection, developing a brand-consistent voice persona, and ensuring that your IVR delivers an exceptional experience, review these additional white papers from GM Voices, a  Waterfield Technologies preferred voice prompt recording partner.

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