Don’t Hold, Get a Call Back! Caller Elected Callback in Your Contact Center

Empower your callers with an option to receive a call back rather than wait on hold until an agent is free to talk to them.  75% of customers now choose to leave their phone number and receive a return call rather than wait on hold.  The result?  Customers are much happier finishing up their business and the morale of the Contact Center agents is much better since they don’t have to deal with disgruntled consumers.  The quality of the customer experience improves with the Caller Elected Callback solution and saves time, keeps frustration levels down and gives the caller a positive experience. 

Cloud and on-premise contact center applications can provide the call-back technology that doesn’t depend on expensive hardware and equipment.  What are some of the results you may expect if you incorporate this solution in your contact center?

Reduce Abandon Rate

Long wait times result in abandoned calls – which is not good customer service for any business.  Everyone is busy today and no one has time to sit on hold wondering if and when an agent is going to answer their call and help them out. So hanging up the phone instead of holding is a natural reaction.  The danger is that instead of calling back again at a different time that customer may reach out to another business instead.   

Increase First Contact Resolution

If customer queries can be resolved with just one contact, it is obviously much more efficient as far as the Contact Center agent’s time.  A significant contact center metric, first contact resolution (FCR), is critical for measuring both efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Maximize Your Work Force

Fluctuations in inbound call volume throughout the day make it difficult to accurately staff the contact center.  Scheduling callbacks during less busy times of the day enables the contact center to better align resources with customer needs.  Your contact center can benefit from smoothing out peak call volumes and reducing contact center staffing requirements.   

Improve the Customer Experience (CX)

A business cannot afford to ignore potential situations that might aggravate or delay their customer’s ability to complete their business.  Replacing hold time with a caller elected callback improves the Customer Experience, enriching your brand reputation and their satisfaction.

Allowing a customer the choice of either waiting on hold or receiving a call back is empowering. Offering Caller Elected Callback in your contact center is a smart and efficient addition for your business.

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