Digital Collaboration and Content Sharing in Your Contact Center

Imagine discussing an issue with a Contact Center agent and instead of trying to verbally describe what’s happening in excruciating detail, you are able to share screens and easily see the solution together.  Real-time collaboration and content sharing application tools are now available so that agents can work collaboratively with customers over multiple devices to ensure quick resolution of issues.  An added bonus is that more  efficient conversions for both inbound and outbound sales calls are also possible.

Improved Inbound/Outbound Engagement

Many organizations have customer touch points that include their physical location for in-person transactions, their contact center for phone calls and their digital sites for mobile and desktop connections. These touch points often operate independently and can be frustrating for a customer who wishes to get their business done in a manner that is most convenient for them.  An interrupted and/or inconsistent experience is not one that a business wants their customer to have.

A Collaboration and Content Sharing module empowers agents with the ability to visually share data and present digital forms with customers during both inbound and outbound phone sessions. Agents can co-browse the Internet, co-sign documents and even engage in live video chats to assist a customer to complete tasks over the user-friendly digital interface. This solution can be initiated with a click of a link sent to the customer’s smartphone, tablet or PC. The result is a smooth, visual experience that enhances customer satisfaction and allows agents to complete calls quickly and efficiently.

  • Increase Conversion. Empower purchase decisions by providing visual displays of products.
  • High Level Support. Agents and customers can share screens and complete tasks together.
  • Enhanced Data Collection. Capable of capturing quality customer data for your CRM.
  • Reduce Handling Time. The ability to jointly complete tasks expedites successful call resolution.
  • Regulation Adherence. Easier for customers to accept terms and conditions and provide consent.
  • Completely App-Free. A session can be initiated without any need to download software.
  • Available on any Device. Collaborative sessions are available over smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Ideal for Outbound. Achieve improved performance for sales, campaigns and call-backs.

Waterfield Technology offers a Collaboration and Content Sharing module as part of their Digital Customer Engagement Platform.  Contact Us for further information.

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