Consulting is dead.

When people hear the term “consultant” in a meeting, some laugh. Some cringe. Some might even roll their eyes. I freely admit I used to be one of those people. Maybe it’s the classic problem: “My boss doesn’t want to hear it from me, but when a consultant says the exact same thing, it’s suddenly a brilliant revelation!” Have you ever had that experience? Funny, me too. I guess that makes it all the more ironic that I find myself leading… a consulting practice. So, you might ask aloud, “Why? I thought you said consulting was dead!” The short answer is: it’s all about perspective.

Here at Waterfield Technologies, we have a slightly different take on consulting than what you might be used to. If you’re looking for an overpaid suit with “fill-in the blank” reports and a “standard playbook” for how the engagement will run, you might be a little disappointed here. You see, we believe consultants should deliver tangible value that makes a meaningful impact on the business. Every business has a unique set of goals and challenges that demands a customized approach in order to maximize the value of the engagement. With over 100 years of collective experience in the contact center space, our team is known for delivering that kind of impact.

How are we different than all the other consultants out there? It’s actually surprisingly simple. We take a “listen first” approach to really understand our clients and their business challenges. Once we are all on the same page, then the real fun begins. Our consultants are trained to lead the conversation, not dominate it. We recognize that while we are experts in our field, you and your team are the experts in yours. When these two teams of experts join forces, the process of joint discovery and problem solving creates solutions that others can only dream about.

Back to the original question: what changed? The truth is, “Consultant” is a great title for a business card or a LinkedIn profile – but it doesn’t define what we actually do. I have the distinct pleasure of working with a team of creative problem solvers who thrive on removing friction from the customer experience and delivering meaningful results for the partners we work with. Ready to start your journey of discovery? We’d love to make your problem the next one we tackle. Together.

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