Consider Digital Transformation in Your Contact Center

As a business is envisioning the move of their contact center to the cloud, it makes sense to look beyond the cloud migration itself and consider how supplementary digital applications can be added to improve the customer experience. Evaluating other applications and services that can enhance value to the consumer’s positive interaction will ultimately impact the perception of the company to their customer – and to the  company’s bottom line.  Most likely, your contact center will benefit from a digital transformation.

With Contact Centers, Customer Experience is Everything

In the long run, a positive customer experience improves the productivity of a contact center. Often, the more a customer can handle on their own and the more opportunities they have to self-service, the more efficiently the contact center can operate.

Digital Transformation accomplishes several things.

  • Customers become empowered. Customers have the option of doing business related to their specific needs when they want, not during certain limited hours the business offers.
  • Complex transactions become simpler. Customers can navigate through a digital menu to find a reference to their particular interest rather than be transferred from one agent to another in a contact center.
  • Customers become smarter. As customers become familiar with the transformed digital options available, they rely less on contact center agents and become confident in their ability to conduct their business digitally.
  • A more meaningful experience is provided. Steering themselves through the digital choices, customers gain a sense of confidence and fulfillment when they conduct their business successfully, with full control of the time they do business and the channel they do their business on.
Selecting Digital Channels and Services

Digital solutions for your cloud environment can include additions and improvements to your channels, applications, services and platforms, all of which can be used to improve your efficiency and customer experience. A sampling of Contact Center digital solutions include:

  • Adding speech to self-service applications. Through advanced, AI-driven speech services, many self-service requests can be conducted with automated responses, replacing the need for  customer service representatives. In the past, speech services were sometimes frustrating to use because of their clumsily programmed menus.  By leveraging the power of digital resources now available once you have migrated your contact center to the cloud, these applications have become far more advanced and responsive.
  • Consolidating data into collaborative solutions. Many Contact Centers today work directly with remote workers, rather than workers within a distinct geographic location. Cloud-based solutions can be used to consolidate data into a single area, making it possible for employees to more easily collaborate. When data is properly managed, companies are able to easily outsource to remote employees throughout the world, all of which can operate seamlessly as though they’re in the same office.
  • Securing enhanced reporting and analytics. Constant analysis of the contact center operations and an easy reporting process allows the Contact Center to improve its efficiency and its operations.  A digital transformation makes it possible to deploy advanced, AI-driven algorithms, which can take a deep dive into a company’s operations and find core inefficiencies and areas in need of improvement.
  • Improving customer relationship management (CRM) integration. Managing your customers so that you know their history, interests and other data are an important part of good customer service.  When communicating with customers, agents will be able to review a customer’s data file and respond accordingly.

A business that has chosen to move their Contact Center to the cloud has taken the big step towards  improving and refining the way they conduct their operations.  By adding digital features to enhance the experience for their customers is the next logical step for advancement.  As customers are made aware of the new features and realize that they allow more productive and pleasant experiences, they become technically savvy clients.  They learn that they can control how and when they use the digital services.  Your digital transformation will result in happier and more loyal customers.

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