3 Tips to Help Your Cloud Migration Take Flight

Cloud technology is undoubtedly one of the leading enablers of business and IT efficiency. And as with any major shift in process or technology, the migration process can be complex.

While each migration plan and business need is unique, experience has shown there is a common path, and in fact shared milestones, for every journey. Equipping your team with the right tools, capabilities and experience from the start helps ensure optimized performance once deployed.

Ready to get started? We’ve compiled 3 tips to get you on your way.

1 – Evaluate the Existing

Cloud offers the opportunity to not only enhance the tools that enable your business but the underlying processes as well. Start by evaluating your existing technology platforms, applications and the processes that drive them from both a technological and business perspective. Outline what is working and where there are shortcomings. Do your current systems support your targeted level of efficiency? Are technology gaps preventing you from exploring new revenue channels or confidently projecting your brand and vision? Bringing cross-department views together will help create a detailed picture of where you are, and collectively define where you want to be.

2 – Plan for New

As-a-service solutions come packed with the latest engagement and service applications fully integrated allowing you to introduce new technology easily and affordably. Rather than taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach to available features, start by building use cases that best align to the business results you expect to achieve. Next, refine the integration process further by prioritizing the introduction of each service and channel, starting with those of least complexity and adding more sophisticated applications as you go- maximizing time to value.

3 – Define Success

We are all familiar with the operational costs savings that abound with cloud technology. But how else do you measure the success of your cloud migration? Are you seeking to decrease resolution time through additional self-service or AI? What about simplifying interactions between customer and agent with screen sharing tools? Or maybe you’re looking to gain a competitive edge through deeper analytics? No matter your definition of success, write it down and measure against it.

The planning stage of a migration is often time consuming. But when you align your business objectives, use cases and success metrics you can develop a migration strategy that supports and secures optimal results.

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