Artificial Intelligence: Using AI to deliver effortless self-service

Whether you’re helping customers navigate order status or complete a financial transaction, our self-service options often feel more like a fragmented conversation than an engaging interaction that enables the customer.  

So, how do we transform our self-service interactions into an awesome experience for customers that’s meaningful and, ultimately, effortless? 

Access the on-demand webinar to learn how to create AI-driven automation, including: 

  • How our clients are using AI within their contact center 
  • The results achieved through AI and how to predict ROI 
  • AI use cases for agent assist and quality management 





Get to Know Your Speakers


Mike Hentges
VP, Product Innovation
Waterfield Tech

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the solutions consulting market. He came to Waterfield in January 2019 from Digital DataVoice, where Mike held the position of Chief Technology Officer and was a principal owner of the organization. Mike has extensive industry knowledge working with clients across numerous industries to create and implement digital and omnichannel strategies.

Ted Hunting
Director of Solutions

Ted leads the sales division for Streebo in the Americas. He leverages his IT experience of more than 11 years in working closely with senior business and IT leaders. He has an industry domain experience in financial services and manufacturing along with strong understanding of technology and trends to help companies digitally transform business models and processes.

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