Teaching Robots to Talk

Teaching Robots to Talk is a weekly email and video series designed to help customer experience and IT leaders change the way they think about, measure, and execute on AI initiatives so they can stop worrying about containment and start maximizing their tech investments.

But we’ve taken things a step further…

See the orange bot down in the lower right-hand corner? That’s Terry! Our virtual guru on all things conversational and generative AI-related.

Terry’s been trained on our full archive of Teaching Robots to Talk emails and videos, so he knows a thing or two about AI in the contact center and can help answer your questions. Give it a try!

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Here's how it works...

Click the chatbot icon below and enter your question. Terry will then search through the library of information he’s been trained on (at a fraction of the time of a human!), grabs relevant segments of past content, and uses generative AI technology to answer your question.

Terry’s built on the same underlying technology as ChatGPT, but augmented with information specific to AI and the customer experience. So he can compose answers to your questions and it’s less likely to ‘hallucinate’, which is the technical term for when ChatGPT makes stuff up!

The approach is called ‘in-context learning’. And you can see the sources for his responses listed at the end of each answer- click on them to see the original emails.


Go ahead… try it out.

Wondering if AI is right for your business?

Yes! Most businesses struggle to give their agents, and their customers, the information they need, when they need it. Generative AI can solve for that problem, but doing it right takes more than just plugging in the tech- it requires a strategy.

Get in touch if you want help deploying a chatbot like this one, or more general guidance on how you can best apply AI in your contact center.

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