SLED – Pay Bill with a Credit Card

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that you’ve just received your monthly water bill from your water utility company.
  2. You decide to pay it in full using your credit card.
  3. Chat with the system provided by your water utility company to get it done.
  4. Use the details in the ‘information’ to complete your task
Customer Info
  • Address: 52 Lakeview, Anytown, New York
  • Phone number: 555 735 5439
  • Zip code: 67890
Bill Details
  • Amount due: $153.95
  • Due date:  
Card Details
  • Credit Card: 4122 4577 3490 2233
  • Expiry: 12/25
  • CVV: 563

Waterfield Tech

SLED Chatbot

Other things to try out...
  • Try and do a part payment
  • Ask system to read back card details
  • Do they offer Auto Pay?

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