Retail – Wrong color

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that you just got the new Vivid Red Portable Bluetooth speaker from an online retailer
  2. You open it up and give it a whirl. It sounds great, but you’re not digging the color
  3. You decide to send it back
  4. The retailer has 2 options to send back unwanted items – select the one that you want
  5. Chat with the system to get it done
  6. Use the details in the ‘order info’ section to complete your task
Order Info
  • Name: Rob Park
  • Address: 789 Oak Road
  • Zip Code: 67890
  • City/State: Anytown, NY
  • Order number: 24766183
  • Order date: Loading...
  • Delivery date: Loading...
  • Payment: Visa ending in 4998

Vivid Red Bluetooth Speaker

Qty 1


Waterfield Tech

Retail Chatbot

Other things to try out...
  • Can you return it?
  • How long have you got to return it?
  • Where's the nearest drop off location?
  • Is it open evenings and weekends?
  • How long will it take to get the refund?