fast, flexible, conversational self-service driven by GPT4

ChatGPT and its upgraded alternative – GPT4 – have transformed the AI landscape. But applying this new technology to transactional self-service remained elusive. Until now. taskGPT combines GPT4 with our proprietary design and development framework to leverage the conversational prowess and reasoning power of the latest AI tech while managing the complexity of goal-oriented dialogs.

The result? A truly human-like conversational self-service solution at a lower cost and reduced time to deliver.

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Returns-Scenario 1

Wrong color

Your speaker sounds great,
but you don't like the color!

Returns-Scenario 2

Too big

Those new headphones
are way too big!

Returns-Scenario 3

Faulty item

It's super hot, and the fan
you've just ordered is faulty!

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