Public Sector – Transcript Request

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that you’ve gone for a job interview at Waterfield Tech.
  2. We’ve asked for an official transcript of classes, grades and GPA.
  3. And we’ve given instructions that it must be sent to us by post, addressed to: FAO: Waterfield tech HR Office
  4. Chat to the system to get it done
  5. Use the details in the ‘Student profile and Employee Address’ sections to complete your task
Student Profile
  • Student ID: 202214JK15732
  • Name: Liam Cates
  • Phone Number: (415) 555-5637
  • Address: 128 Godfather Way, San Francisco, CA 06451
  • Email: [email protected]
Employer Address
  • Company: Waterfield tech HR Office
  • Address: 110 S Hartford Ave Suite 2502, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States

Waterfield Tech

Public Sector Chatbot

Other things to try out...
  • Ask what information the transcript includes.
  • Ask for a PDF version to be sent to you by email as well.
  • How long does it take for an official transcript to be mailed?
  • How are PDF Official Transcripts delivered electronically and verified?
  • How can I track the status of my transcript request?
  • What's the difference between an official and unofficial transcript?