Report Water Quality Issue

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that you notice that your water has turned a rusty color and smells unpleasant.
    • This first caught your attention last night around 10 pm.
    • You ran the taps at home for a while, hoping the color and smell
    • would improve, but they didn’t.
    • You left it overnight, to see if it would clear up.
    • Unfortunately, things haven’t got get any better
  2. Feeling concerned, you’ve decided it’s time to report this to your Water Company.
  3. Use the chatbot on their website to ‘Report the issue’
  4. And to organize an investigation or service visit to resolve the problem.
  5. Use the details in the ‘information’ section to complete your task
  • Name: Kerry Robinson
  • Address: 123 Blue Street
  • Zip Code: 12345
  • City/State: Baltimore, MD
  • Phone number: 555-123-4567

Waterfield Tech

SLED Chatbot

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