Refill a Prescription

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that you’ve been prescribed Lipitor for managing cholesterol.
  2. You realize that your supply is running low.
  3. You decide to request a refill
  4. Chat with the system to get it done
  5. Use the details in the Patient Info and Prescription Details below to complete your task.
Patient Info
  • Name: Kerry Robinson
  • Last 4 SSN: 7894
  • Address: 123 Main Street
  • Zip Code: 12345
  • City/State: Anytown, NY
  • Phone number: 555-123-4567
Prescription Details
  • Prescription: Lipitor, 20 mg tablets
  • Prescription Number: 1001

Waterfield Tech

Pharmacy Chatbot

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  • Is it open Sundays?
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