Reschedule Appointment

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine you’ve just received a reminder from your Dr’s Office for an upcoming X-Ray appointment
  2. But you notice it clashes with your upcoming holiday plans.
  3. You decide to change your appointment after your holiday
  4. Use the chatbot provided by your Dr’s Office to get it done.
Patient Info
  • Name: Barbara Holland
  • Address: 789 Oak Road
  • Zip Code: 67890
  • City/State: Anytown, NY
  • Phone number: 555-735-5439
Appointment Info
Name Date Time
Robin Buckley (Imaging Technician) Loading... 11:00am
Holiday Plans Go: Loading-Back: Loading...

Waterfield Tech

Dr Clinic Chatbot

Other things to try out...
  • Try a specific date
  • Check availability for certain weekdays
  • Ask for AM or PM appointments