Bill Question

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine you recently received a bill from your health care clinic.
  2. You were expecting the total due to be somewhere around $450. But it’s over $1,500.
  3. Concerned about the discrepancy, you decide to get in touch
  4. Use the chatbot provided by your service provider to get to the bottom of what’s going on.
  5. Use the details in the ‘Patient + Billing info’ section to complete your task
Patient Info
  • Name: Kerry Robinson
  • Address: 789 Oak Road
  • Zip Code: 123456
  • City/State: Anytown, NY
  • Phone number: 555-123-4567
Billing Info
# Status Service Date Due Date Amount Notes
1 Outstanding Procedure Loading... Loading... $1,513.00 Insurance only covered clinic costs.
2 Outstanding Specialist visit Loading... Loading... $40.00 Insurance covered clinic and lab costs. Physician costs partly covered.

Waterfield Tech

Dr Clinic Chatbot

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