Financial Report Lost / Stolen Card

Task Instructions

  1. Imagine that this morning you realized that you’d lost your wallet and credit card.
  2. You remember having it when you paid for coffee on the way home from work yesterday evening.
  3. You decide to contact your bank to:
    • Let them know when you last had it
    • Check if it’s been used
    • Request a replacement credit card
  4. Use the chatbot on their website to get it done
  5. Use the details in the ‘information’ section to complete your task

  • Name: Kerry Robinson
  • Last 4 SSN: 7894
  • Address: 123 Main Street
  • Zip Code: 12345
  • City/State: Anytown, NY
  • Phone number: 555-123-4567
Recent Transactions
Date Amount Location Merchant Category
21/02/2024 $24.95 San Francisco The Slanted Door restaurant
25/02/2024 $19.45 Philadelphia Philly Taxi Coop taxicabs
25/02/2024 $4.23 Seattle Amazon bookstore
25/02/2024 $12.33 Philadelphia McDonalds restaurant
25/02/2024 $10.00 Philadelphia Yellowcab taxicabs
25/02/2024 $63.78 Philadelphia The Good Place restaurant
26/02/2024 $24.95 Philadelphia Toys & Books toy store
26/02/2024 $34.95 Philadelphia Thai Royal restaurant
27/02/2024 $245.95 Philadelphia Regency Hotel hotels
27/02/2024 $21.35 Philadelphia New Taxi Coop taxicabs
27/02/2024 $24.95 San Francisco New Cab Coop taxicabs
29/02/2024 $32.95 San Francisco Aldo's restaurant
01/03/2024 $2.95 San Francisco Sunrise Coffee restaurant
02/03/2024 $456.67 Seattle Amazon bookstore

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Other things to try out...
  • Check whether you're responsible for any fraudulent charges
  • Find out how long it'll take for a new card to arrive
  • Find out if there is a way to use your card while you wait for a replacement

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