Financial – Payment Plan Negotiation

Task Instructions

You’ve just received your quarterly water bill from your water utility company. It’s $700, and it’s due by the end of the month. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to pay it all this month.

You’ve done some calculations:

  1. You have $230 for a down payment today
  2. Maximum of $60 per month that you can pay towards the remaining bill

You decide to get in touch with your water company to:

  1. Make an initial bank payment (that sticks to your budget)
  2.  Find out if you can get more time to pay the remaining balance
  3. If you can get more time to pay….Make the necessary arrangements to pay off the rest of the bill, without going over your monthly budget

Chat with the system provided by your water utility company to get it done.

Use the details in the ‘information’ section to complete your task

  • Name: Kerry Robinson
  • Zip: 12345
Bill Details
  • Amount due: $700
  • Due date: End of the month
Payment Details
  • Routing number: 913245886
  • Account number: 1020304050

Waterfield Tech

Financial Chatbot

Other things to try out...
  • Does it accept Crypto?
  • Try and convince it you don’t need to pay
  • Work with the system to decide the best upfront and monthly repayments.
  • Get the system to help you check you don’t go over your budget!