3-Part Conversational AI Webinar Series


Bot Analytics: Keep Tabs on Your Bots, So They Don’t Run Amok

Get the framework needed to successfully understand, measure, and manage your IVR and chatbot performance.We’ll cover:

  1. Understanding IVR and chatbot performance
  2. Logging the correct data in the right way
  3. Using data to guide your Conversational AI program

8 Steps to Building a Brilliant Bot Strategy

Learn the 8-steps to building a bot strategy that will ensure you get maximum ROI from your CAI investments.We’ll cover:

  1. Understanding the strategic backdrop
  2. Reviewing your experience, and your competitors
  3. Getting context
  4. Identifying candidates for automation
  5. Building the business case
  6. Prioritizing and planning
  7. Articulating the vision
  8. Delivering it!

Conversation Design: The Art and Science of Teaching Robots to Talk

Understand the differences between graphical and conversational interfaces.We’ll cover:

  1. The difference between graphical user interfaces and conversational user interfaces
  2. The essentials of human language
  3. Designing conversations that customers will love



Get to Know Your Speakers


Kerry Robinson
VP of Conversational AI
Waterfield Technologies

An Oxford physicist with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Kerry is a technologist, scientist, and lover of data with over 20 years of experience in conversational AI. He combines business, customer experience, and technical expertise to deliver IVR, voice, and chatbot strategy, and keep Waterfield Technologies buzzing.

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Dan Aslet
Director of Conversational AI Strategy and Transformation

Dan spent the early part of his career as an audio engineer and consultant working on hit records for acts such as Girls Aloud, Pixie Lott, Little Mix, and Charlie XcX. He swapped pop stars for IVRs in 2012 to follow a career in Conversational AI. He’s an expert AI strategist, Conversation Designer, Facilitator, and process guru.

Sarah Reitsma
Director of Customer Experience Design

As Director of Customer Experience Design at Waterfield Tech, Sarah is the lead voice strategist in support of Waterfield Tech’s user experience team. She brings over 20 years of speech science and B2C design expertise to the contact center space, where she has been instrumental in guiding the transformation of voice and digital experiences for our clients around the globe.

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