How to Leverage ChatGPT for the Contact Center

Thursday, December 7th
10:00am CT / 11:00am ET

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ChatGPT is amazing! But you can’t just plug it into an IVR, chat widget, or agent desktop and expect transformative impact.


Join Kerry Robinson, VP of Conversational AI from Waterfield Tech, to get a view into what ChatGPT can and can’t do and see practical examples of the kinds of applications that can be built with GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and other Generative AI technology.


Kerry will also touch on security & compliance risks, and the steps organizations can take to mitigate them.


You’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of the possibilities, pitfalls, and practical steps organizations need to take to harness this new wave of AI technology and how your organization can best pitch it to prospects.

Your Host

Kerry Robinson

VP of Conversational AI
Waterfield Tech

An Oxford physicist with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Kerry is a technologist, scientist, and lover of data with over 20 years of experience in conversational AI. He combines business, customer experience, and technical expertise to deliver IVR, voice, and chatbot strategy and keep Waterfield Tech buzzing.



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